silicone injection molding

Liquid silicone injection molding

Benefit from repeatable precision and quality

You can count on us when you’re looking for the scientific silicone injection molding knowledge and proven expertise needed to cost-effectively manufacture complex medical grade liquid silicone components with utmost precision and efficiency.

Our in-house, highly qualified team will work closely with you to scientifically determine the most reliable and accurate parameters for producing your silicone injection molding parts. Our medical device contract manufacturing team considers everything – from how to significantly minimize flash to specifying size, quantity and location of gates and parting lines, lot sizes and other critical elements.

Our microprocessor-controlled closed-loop silicone injection molding systems provide fast cycle time and high output volume for custom medical grade liquid silicone molding, along with optimal process control for tight tolerances and critical part features.

Silicone injection molding is performed in an ISO 7 (class 10,000) cleanroom, with added capabilities for post-molding annealing, cleaning and insert molding.

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