Donatelle™ Rapid Tooling & Medical Device Prototyping

As part of our fully integrated offering, Donatelle has dedicated medical rapid tooling and prototyping advantages and resources in place to facilitate shorter product realization lead times. As your rapid tooling and prototyping partner for both molded and machined components, Donatelle will help you assess your design’s ability to meet specifications long before your product reaches end users. Reap the many prototyping advantages Donatelle has to offer through our resources of engineers, mold designers, machinists, and toolmakers who work in an environment geared toward meeting your quick delivery needs.

Fast, near net shape, and cost effective.

With an ability to provide near net shape parts within as little as a few days to a week, many medical device engineers have grown to rely on Donatelle as their trusted partner for their early development needs.
Our molds can be manufactured using a variety of aluminum and steel alloys. We are capable of working with most engineering resins and stock a wide variety of the most commonly used resins to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible. Donatelle’s rapid molding and machining department can produce from hundreds up to a few thousand parts depending on your specific needs.

From Donatelle you can expect near net shape molded or machined parts with typical tolerances of ± 0.005” or less. Donatelle also offers post-molding machining to achieve unique geometries such as undercuts and threads. In addition, secondary operations such as welding, decorating, and annealing are available at our facility.

Whether your need is volume production or short-run medical rapid prototyping, rest assured the quality of the parts you receive from Donatelle never changes. Our medical rapid prototyping department is prepared and focused on providing you the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to produce low-volume samples of your new design. Whether you currently have a project in development or one in the future, contact Donatelle today to discuss how we may be of assistance through offering you these services.

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