Donatelle™ Product Development and Product Design

When it comes to product development and design, Donatelle realizes the importance of being on time and on budget. In working with Donatelle, you will work with some of the industry’s best talent – individuals who have specialized knowledge of medical device development and contract manufacturing that have access to the very latest technologies. Our experienced team will give you the confidence and comfort you need when it comes to getting your device to market.

At Donatelle, we advocate early involvement in your product development process. Early engineering involvement by Donatelle’s new product development team helps ensure you get your device to market in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Incorporating product design enhancements early in the product development process also helps guarantee you hit the ground running with the most robust product.

Prior to project kickoff, a product development engineer and team reviews your product requirements with you and utilizes a systematic approach to ensure all key development criteria are considered. Multiple development scenarios are also considered in order to determine the most cost-effective approach to meeting your requirements.

Throughout the product development and product design process, we are prepared to assist your project team in tackling such specific needs as:

  • Part design -- design optimization, component consolidation, design for Six Sigma, design for manufacturability, and FMEA
  • Molding flow/cool surface analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Process validation and capability studies
  • Molding
  • Post molding operations
  • Machining
  • Device assembly, packaging, and sterilization

In-house toolmaking and fixture fabrication are at the nucleus of producing high-quality parts. Since its initial founding as a tool fabricator, Donatelle customers have recognized the significant benefits of in-house toolmaking within the new product development process.

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