Donatelle™ Precision Machining & Precision Machined Components

If speed and precision are among your supplier selection criteria, look no further.  

Donatelle has steadily expanded its medical manufacturing capabilities over the years, including precision machining. The addition of metal and plastic machining to our list of capabilities more than a decade ago has made us the single-source provider of contract manufacturing services for many of our customers. With one of the largest concentrations of Swiss-turning machines in North America, Donatelle employs some of the best machinists in the industry and enables them with state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced staff combined with leading-edge technology ensures Donatelle can meet your most demanding machined component expectations.


Donatelle specializes in close-tolerance precision machined components. We are experienced in working with a wide variety of materials, including: stainless steel, titanium, MP35N, nitinol, platinum, PEEK, and other specialty metals, plastics, and alloys.

Our precision machining capabilities include:

  • Multi-axis CNC Swiss turning
  • Wire and plunge EDM
  • Deburring
  • Precision cleaning and finishing
  • Welding -- resistance, laser
  • Multi-axis CNC machining



Why Donatelle for Precision Machining?

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