Living Our Values and Purpose

The employees of Donatelle™ strive to live our vision, mission, values, and purpose statement each and every day. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself that allows us to accomplish this in a very heartfelt way. Such is the opportunity with Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN).


Founded in 1968 by orthopedic surgeon Lewis G. Zirkle, Jr. MD, SIGN is an organization that supports trauma surgeons in developing nations throughout the world who have committed their lives to serving the injured poor. Despite many obstacles, these surgeons often work with limited hospital resources, overcrowded wards, and (at times) a lack of pay and support from health administrations. Equipping these surgeons with orthopedic training and instrumentation ensures quality fracture care for those who desperately need it but cannot afford it.It is SIGN's vision and goal that through this network of surgeons, all people will have the opportunity to receive modern surgical treatment and avoid future disability.

A current focus of SIGN is Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, severe hip fractures are treated by traction for three weeks followed by a body cast. This is not appropriate treatment and results in disability. The SIGN HIP Construct System will provide a needed solution for patients there.

Donatelle believes the efforts of SIGN are a true representation of our corporate purpose to improve the quality of life for humankind. As such, we were proud and honored to be able to contribute metal components for the new SIGN HIP Construct System.

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